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Welcome to the official community documentation page of Helis Network!

Helis is an ecosystem of products that make DeFi accessible for everyone.

Our ultimate source of truth about everything about the project (externally and internally) resides right here. You'll be able to understand all the finer details about Helis such as what we're doing on a more granular level, learning about community initiatives and details about the token itself.

High Level Summary

Our focus is on making DeFi accessible and powerful for enterprises. We're achieving this through developing a series of usable products:

  1. Loans: A simple lending solution that lets you earn up to 15% APR interest, with full control and non-custodial ownership on your crypto assets. Creating easy to use interfaces to aggregate liquidity and find the best lending rates.

  2. Payroll: Distribute tokens to employees, contractors, customers, investors and communities at a click of button; without technical experience.

  3. Derivatives: Utilise and execute DeFi derivatives instantly with full transparency across your open trade positions. Hedge and manage risk.

  4. Defi-as-a-Service: Integrate our smart contracts into wallets, exchanges and other service providers - bridging stagnant liquidity pools with DeFi.

We plan to achieve this through the power of our entire ecosystem roadmap:



We come from a product background and realise the importance of having a well defined, thought out product strategy and roadmap. Learn more about it over here:




Find out more about our product and the problems we're trying to solve

​Pilot programs​

Get details about about who's using our payroll product and how it's helping them


Details about how we're aiming to execute on our roadmap moving forward


How we think about the scalability challenge


Who we are and where we come from


People are the most important part of a crypto network. Over here you'll find all the resources required to make a difference and contribute to our mission:



​Frequently Asked Questions​

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​Panda Network​

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The HELIS token is a way to bring the community together and create co-ordination at a wider scale. Over here you'll get details about more finer details such as the distribution of the token, how it'll be used etc.




How we're using our tokens and why


Full transparency about who it was sold to and when

​Bridge Fee​

Protection against short-term price speculation


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