Pilot Programs

Helis will be iterating and developing the Payroll product for the below enterprises. The existing payroll product will be enhanced taking into consideration new process flows and business requirements as a result on the pilot program.

Nexo -

About Nexo: Nexo offers cash loans backed by crypto. This means the lenders can receive interest in cash on their crypto or borrowers can cash out to fiat without selling their crypto. With over $500m+ processed across 200,000 monthly active users, Nexo is one of the largest companies in the crypto lending industry.

Our work with Nexo: The Nexo team consists of 10-20 employees and contractors who have various components of their compensation in crypto. Our payroll solution allows them to quickly make these payments through our batched payments and salary feature.

Kyber Network -

About Kyber: Kyber Network is an on-chain decentralised exchange which enables trustless swaps for ERC20 assets. Their on-chain liquidity is a key component for various DeFi protocols to swap between volatile assets and stable coins. Currently, Kyber's smart contracts process on average, 16000 on-chain transactions per day.

Our work with Kyber: After speaking with the Kyber team, a pain point they expressed to us was that making bounty payments takes a considerable amount of time. Helis' batched payments feature inside the payroll solves this problem and can automate all those payments in a single click.

Aion -

About AION: Started in 2016, AION offers a blockchain readymade for enterprises to use as it has a fully functional virtual machine that supports Java - one of the largest programming languages in the world. It also supports the EVM making is Solidity - compatible. Currently, AION's blockchain does 100,000's transactions per month and has a fledging ecosystem being built out.

Our work with AION: As part of employee compensation schemes, AION offers tokens that vest every 6 months. When distributing tokens, tax implications need to be handled, transaction hashes emailed and payments entered into an excel sheet. This whole process takes over 100+ man hours. Our payroll solution significantly reduces the number of man-hours required to execute this entire process.

Loopring -

About Loopring: Loopring offers a high-throughput DEX through their novel STARK based protocol. The team has been through various iterations of their protocol and now has a healthy relayer ecosystem supporting it to build high quality end user applications

Our work with Loopring: The Loopring team is a small team of 20 people which pays salaries in crypto in addition to bounty payments. Our work with them includes using our products for bounty payments but working closely to understand their needs around executing all their salaries on-chain.