Bridge Toll

Bridge Toll is a mechanism that allows for a fee to be applied to a token transfer from one contract (bonded) to another contract (unbonded).

Bridge Toll can be best described as a dynamic lock-up mechanism. If a holder wishes to transfer tokens for whatever purpose, they will need to pay a percentage fee for doing so. All fees generated result in tokens being burned. This mechanism is a proxy for the tradition lock-up of tokens, but enables 100% liquidity.

Helis tokens purchased in the Seed and Private tranches will be 100% unlocked upon Token Generation Event, but will be subjected to a bridge toll schedule - a fee that starts in Month 1 and diminishes each month until Month 9.

Bridge fee schedule (click to expand)

For Helis, bonded contracts will hold illiquid tokens; these tokens can be made liquid (i.e. tradeable) by crossing the bridge toll and paying a fee schedule in tokens, which will be burnt for good. The result of this action results in a reduction in the total circulating supply and discourages token holders to hold the tokens.

Ending the Bridge

After nine months, the bridge toll will cease to operate, and seed investors will be free to cross the contracts without penalty, we believe this is fair, and also gives Helis Network a fair advantage of a nine month run-way to provide evidence and examples of adoption by enterprises that want to use ours tools to integrate and enable their businesses in expanding into new markets.